When you’re out of space,
we have room.

Perhaps you’re trying to combine direct order materials across manufacturers into one delivery. Or, you simply don’t have enough room for all the lighting, switchgear, or cabinets your project requires – our material staging services can help. 

With material staging, you can:
  • Minimize Storage Costs – You know inventory carrying costs are higher than ever nowadays. You don’t need to keep parts at your location while they wait for other critical components to arrive. Instead, use our local warehouse as your staging location until a complete set of what you need is ready for jobsite delivery. 
  • Consolidate Deliveries – Having a complete set of parts and equipment for a job delivered together reduces the total number of job site deliveries your staff needs to manage. Your team can also be confident that each delivery has what they need to get the job done. 
  • Find Temporary Storage – If you’re performing an in-house change-out or simply need to move products out of an area until they’re needed, we can provide temporary storage with ease. 
  • Free-Up Warehouse Space – The movement from “Just-In-Time” to “Just-In-Case” inventory management makes warehouse space scarce these days. Keep your warehouse available for mission-critical items while you use us as your staging area. 

Material Staging With Summit Helps You:

Storage Fees


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