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Electrical contractors across our service area rely on our pros to help build accurate estimates for their clients. No matter the project’s size, our material take off service is critical to our customers’ bid process.  

With our material take off service, you’ll: 
  • Have More Accurate Estimates – Our electrical pros will review your blueprints and generate an accurate count of supplies your project requires. We can perform take offs by drawing, unit, or area.  
  • Minimize Rework – No one likes going back to their client with revised supply quantities. Using our material take off services minimizes the likelihood of those uncomfortable conversations.  
  • Get a Precise BOM with Lead Times – Not only will we generate an accurate bill of materials (BOM), you’ll know the lead times for getting those supplies onsite. When you have accurate delivery information, you can schedule your teams with confidence. 
  • Control Project Costs – When you get the counts right the first time, you don’t have to wait on reorders, and you don’t have to reschedule your team. Both issues unnecessarily drive project costs. 

Our Material Take Off Services Help You:  

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