Simplify the job 
with custom wire services.

Our expanded wire and cable inventory features color-coded feeders, 4/1 combo reels, and pre-installed pulling heads – everything you need for a trouble-free project. 

Make wire & cable projects easy with: 
  • Color-Coded Feeders – Color-coded feeders help you quickly identify the right wire for the right job while keeping your wiring consistent and safe. 
  • 4/1 Combo Reels – Set up 4/1 combo reels more quickly than traditional stands. A 4/1 combo reel can also reduce pulling time, circuit time, and material costs. 
  • Pulling Heads Assembly – Pre-installed pulling heads save time and increase jobsite safety. No need for knives or crimpers during wire pulls. 
  • Paralleling – Streamline work when you parallel up to four feeds, plus ground, onto one 4/1 combo reel. 
  • Scrap Management – Our scrap solutions include buying off master reels, cut-to-length services, and return programs. Ask about other custom solutions. 
Wire & Cable Management

Wire & Cable Services Save You Money Through:  

Labor Costs


Reduced Scrap

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