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Have the best of both worlds. Use your existing corporate procurement system while allowing your buyers to punchout to When you punchout to, your organization takes greater control of your financial supply chain while still benefiting from our web frontend. 

With punchout, you’ll: 
  • Guide Employees to Buy from Using Your Pricing – Your team can use your existing procurement system (such as Ariba or Coupa) to punchout to and retrieve quotes or browse products based on your account-specific pricing. Depending on your requirements, we can set up access to a custom or full catalog. 
  • Maintain Approval Authority – Once users check-out, the order returns to your system and proceeds through your normal approval channels. After approval, your purchase orders flow directly to us for fulfillment. 
  • Ensure Your Negotiated Discounts Reach Your Bottom Line – Since the punchout process ensures you get account-level pricing, you can be sure those savings reach your bottom line.  
  • Enhance Your Existing Purchasing Process – Because punchout integrates with most major purchasing systems, your team doesn’t have to learn any new software. Also, we’ve designed to make it easy to find what you want. 

Using punchout, You'll:

Have Up-to-Date

Reduce Transaction


Take Advantage
of Discounts

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