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Our Houston-based International Sales Team is a convenient one-stop shop for the global distribution of electrical equipment and supplies. From negotiating special purchasing agreements to managing your onsite material, we can help set up your project for success, anywhere in the world. 

Summit Export Services simplifies international projects with: 
  • Global Expertise – The division’s experienced team of multilingual export professionals has extensive knowledge of export laws and regulations, packaging and shipping procedures, and the preparation of customized letters of credit. 
  • EP&C Integration – Our export team works closely with our EP&C pros to supply essential supplies to projects worldwide. 
  • Proper Documentation – We'll make sure you have the paperwork you need including Certificates of Compliance, Certificates of Origin, and USMTA Certificates & Drawings. 
  • International Inventory Management Options – Need help storing your inventory overseas? Utilizing Summit OnSite®  job trailers, we can securely store and maintain inventory on your job site for long-term projects. 
Export Services

Summit's International Division Helps You: 

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Reduce Customs

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